Golden Honey Mask

Golden Honey Mask

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This mask is addictive, and truly effective. We have sourced the world’s highest quality, single origin, most ethically produced Turmeric from Diaspora Co and created a skin-brightening, moisturizing, calming and luxurious treatment that because of our special formula will not stain your skin — BUT WILL stain your towel— which is why we went ahead and used their gorgeous turmeric to dye matching face towels that you can use to remove your lovely mask :) Key ingredients in this mask include:

Turmeric— anti-inflammatory powerhouse, lightens scarring and helps rebalance skin biome

Raw honey— perhaps the most miraculous substance ever created for skin, it does literally everything

Coconut milk powder— moisturizing, softening

Lemon peel powder—lends extra AHA action to speed up skin brightening and cellular turnover

We highly recommend pairing this with any of our oil-based products to follow up, as it really prepares skin to accept deeper treatments. Better yet, put a layer of our Golden Milk cleanser underneath this mask to make rinsing it off extra easy (and double the turmeric magic) :)

To Use:

On a cleansed, damp face, spread a thin layer over skin and leave on as long as you like. If you’re extra worried about staining, simply apply a face oil underneath the mask to make removal very simple. Leave on as long as you like. Can be used up to 3x a week, as well as a spot treatment. If there is any remaining tint after removal simply use a bit more face oil to remove (and our handy turmeric dyed face towel:) ) Follow up with mist and moisturizer.


Diaspora co. single origin Pragati Turmeric, Coconut milk powder, local raw honey, lemon peel powder, bentonite clay, cardamom powder

Organically farmed

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