Oxy-Miel // Enzymatic Honey Booster

Oxy-Miel // Enzymatic Honey Booster


This serum booster is a love letter to an ancient practice in herbal medicine making where herbs are infused into an acid (oxy) and honey (mel/miel) to create highly active mineral rich supplements. This supplement, however, is for your face. Our local raw honey is slowly infused with astringent, detoxifying herbs and combined with organic apple cider vinegar infused with the mother of all mineral rich, skin-feeding plants— Nettles. To this is added willow bark extract which has been shown to be even more effective at encouraging cell turnover than the compound commonly extracted from it—salicylic acid— yet with far more gentle and holistic effects than it’s lab-made isolate.

This serum booster harnesses the natural enzymes in raw honey and ACV to gently encourage cell turnover, liberating your skin from clogged pores, dullness, scars, and inflammation using some of nature’s most pure healing ingredients. Formulated to be used mixed in with your favorite oil, balm, mask, or cleanser, it is a team player and can be used at night as a leave-on exfoliant as well as during the day as a humectant layer to draw water molecules to parched skin for a dewy glow. This is a mix and match tool in your kit, and has quickly become one of our favorites.

To Use:

Mix ONE drop (more gets a bit too sticky) with your fav moisturizer/oil/mist and massage over damp skin. Leave on to ‘set’ before applying make up if using during the day. Can also be used in greater quantities as a mask treatment mixer.


raw local honey infused with wild goldenrod and our farm grown organic anise hyssop, wild nettles, organic apple cider vinegar, willow bark extract, time and endless experimentation <3

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