I just realized this week that ever since I started used your newest products (with the full routine), I haven’t been getting the pimples that I usually get right before my period. Very cool!

Thanks for all the amazing work you do!

C.D. :

I went to see Aviva about the acne that I’ve had on my body for years. I get it on my shoulders/chest, which affects how I get dressed and my confidence on a daily basis. She consulted with me about my diet, gave me incredible, custom advice based off of my ancestral history and past medical history. I highly recommend reaching out to Aviva if you are suffering from acne of any kind. I’ve been using her Dragonbalm as a night cream for a year and I am madly in love with it. I recently got her golden milk cleanser (which feels and smells like heaven, AND takes off mascara!) and her resin oil, which I’ve been using as my only moisturizer. These products are made from ingredients she grew herself, with the earth and ancestors in mind. If you’re looking for a sustainable, responsible solution for your acne, go holler at her! Again, this is not sponsored in any way, but I always get messages about what kind of products I use, and this is finally worth sharing. I have truly simplified my routine, and knowing that I’m supporting Aviva’s beautiful farm and also healing something that has plagued me physically and emotionally is a huge deal. It’s time we start supporting our neighbors. It’s time we think about where our money is going. You can’t be sustainable until you’re buying as close to home as possible, and buying from small businesses, especially women-owned or those owned by POC. I know that when I buy from Aviva, she’s a genuinely hard working, lovely person who is crafting these products from her own experiences, with her own knowledge, and and grown with love SO close to home.

i.w. :

Working with Aviva to help my skin issues (cystic acne, uneven bumpy skin, melasma) was the best thing I’ve done for my skin!!! I’m in my 3rd week of supplements and my skin is getting better day by day. If you have issues and are sick of dermatologists throwing medication and harsh items at you and you want to heal the root problem (internal) then talk to her