It's been just shy of a year since our skin consultation. I wanted to tell you the knowledge you shared with me has helped me so much. Finally my skin is calm and balanced. No more of those dreaded boils. I will forever be grateful if the confidence you have guided me to!!


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for your skin consultation. I'm tearing up a bit writing this because the consultation had such a positive impact on my skin and mental health. For the first time in years my skin is completely clear of acne and I feel so good about myself. Being able to leave the house without make up and to have such a low maintenance topical skin care routine is so freeing! I had tried so many different things to clear up my skin in the past and I was really at the end of my rope before I spoke to you. Now my friends and family are all like "wow" "your skin is so clear". I will forever recommend you to others!




I had the nastiest cystic spot yesterday… then I put on all your products and prayed.  I was really terrified. I woke up this morning and it’s totally flat and 80% less red. I’m truly in awe and forever grateful.

I have tried every product in this line and I cannot believe how nourishing and effective each one of them are. I am 29 with two children and get hormonal breakouts as well as sugar breakouts when my diet isn't the best. I've seriously tried EVERYTHING and still supplement some product from other lines because, well, skincare is fun lol 
However, this line is my HOLY GRAIL and I use at least two of these products every single day. The golden milk cleanser actually removed my makeup, I was pleasantly surprised. After some micellar water to take off the bulk of my makeup I go in with the cleanser and it take everything else off without leaving my skin feel stripped. It might be the combination of all the products but all the congestion on my chin has disappeared. The alchemist is the most beautiful and effective blend perfect for hydration prior to any serum or balm as well as after if I've gone a little overboard. The resin oil is one of my favorites, a spritz of alchemist and a few drops of the resin absorb beautifully in my skin. At night if I need more hydration or my skin is just feeling lackluster I will use the balm, which is my all time favorite balm. I have many balms but usually only use them under my eyes because they have clogged my pores but this one I slather all over my face because it does the exact opposite! Of course all skin is different, but, my skin loves everything about these products and I don't foresee myself switching any time soon. There is a sample option so if you are considering I would say go for it! Supporting a small business ran by a beautiful soul that makes amazing and effective skin care? WIN!



In the winter moths my acne prone skin gets so dry at night, and the dragon balm is the best salvage used before bed. When I wake up my face feels nourished and hydrated, and my acne heals a lot better with this intentional moisture it gets from the natural ingredients. Thank you for your awesome work!


I have super sensitive skin, most rich so-called ‘nourishing’ products tend to make me break out, which means I’m usually under-hydrated.  Apis Apotheca’s line is the first that has both cleared my skin and hydrated it on a deep level. I not look forward to washing and nourishing my face very day; everything from the smells to the packaging makes me happy!


I just realized this week that ever since I started used your newest products (with the full routine), I haven’t been getting the pimples that I usually get right before my period. Very cool!

Thanks for all the amazing work you do!

C.D. :

I went to see Aviva about the acne that I’ve had on my body for years. I get it on my shoulders/chest, which affects how I get dressed and my confidence on a daily basis. She consulted with me about my diet, gave me incredible, custom advice based off of my ancestral history and past medical history. I highly recommend reaching out to Aviva if you are suffering from acne of any kind. I’ve been using her Dragonbalm as a night cream for a year and I am madly in love with it. I recently got her golden milk cleanser (which feels and smells like heaven, AND takes off mascara!) and her resin oil, which I’ve been using as my only moisturizer. These products are made from ingredients she grew herself, with the earth and ancestors in mind. If you’re looking for a sustainable, responsible solution for your acne, go holler at her! Again, this is not sponsored in any way, but I always get messages about what kind of products I use, and this is finally worth sharing. I have truly simplified my routine, and knowing that I’m supporting Aviva’s beautiful farm and also healing something that has plagued me physically and emotionally is a huge deal. It’s time we start supporting our neighbors. It’s time we think about where our money is going. You can’t be sustainable until you’re buying as close to home as possible, and buying from small businesses, especially women-owned or those owned by POC. I know that when I buy from Aviva, she’s a genuinely hard working, lovely person who is crafting these products from her own experiences, with her own knowledge, and and grown with love SO close to home.

i.w. :

Working with Aviva to help my skin issues (cystic acne, uneven bumpy skin, melasma) was the best thing I’ve done for my skin!!! I’m in my 3rd week of supplements and my skin is getting better day by day. If you have issues and are sick of dermatologists throwing medication and harsh items at you and you want to heal the root problem (internal) then talk to her